Predictive Maintenance Made Easy and Scalable

An End-To-End Asset Health & Performance Management Solution



increase in machine



reduction in
unplanned downtime



reduction in
maintenance cost



improvement in
forecasting accuracy

Transform & DigitizeReliability & Maintenance Operations

Predictive Maintenance

A complete predictive maintenance solution along with IoT based smart sensors and AI based models to predict machine failures

Asset Management, Digital operations and workflows

Digitize maintenance workflows, make data driven decisions along with AI based forecasting & Analytics.

Connected Workers

Increase Engagement & Collaboration among workers. Digitize work instructions and provide real time maintenance recommendations

No-Code AI

Now create your own custom machine learning pipeline without writing a single line of code

Get control over your assets from anywhere
Machine health monitoring and asset management all from a common platform, now track and automate your maintenance activities and monitor machine health from a single screen.

Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Reduce Maintenance cost

Enhance Product Quality

Increased Production Capacity

Maximize Safety

Increase machine life

Reduce Inventory Cost

Enhance collaborations

Domain Expertise in every vertical of AI based Asset Management & Predictive Maintenance Solution

Hardware Technology

Precise and accurate plug and play smart sensors with edge processing capabilities.

Data & Signal Processing

Advance signal processing algorithms to reduce noise and enhance weak signals

No-Code Machine Learning

Preprocess data from sensors, detect and diagnose anomalies with a few clicks. Accurate Multivariate time series anomaly detection capabilities

Cloud Computing

Real time data processing, Scalable Platform, Big Data Analytics, Personalised Data Visualisation.


Partnering With Whole Plant Reliability Ecosystem

Condition Monitoring Teams

Manage your teams and operations in a cost effective and scalable way. Get real time asset health insights across the plant.

Maintenance Teams

Transform your maintenance programs, get prescriptive recommendations and real time alerts. Forecast maintenance costs, future inventory requirement and optimize maintenance schedules

IOT Platform

Our plug and play IoT smart sensors are easy to install, provide flexible API's for cross data integrations

Equipment Manufacturers

Improve your product reliability and quality by analyzing rela time equipment data. Transfrom business models and increase after sales business